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Mums and dads everywhere want their children to grow into peaceful, happy and loving people. We see, though, that many young people are feeling confused, disconnected and dissatisfied. And many older ones, too! People do not feel whole, or in sync with life.

It need not be so! That is not humanity's natural state. It is just that what people think they know with their mind is blocking their inner guidance and their sense of their own beautiful essential nature. The tail has been wagging the dog. It is not the circumstances we experience, or the person we are, that ever trouble us, just believing the thoughts that pop into our mind about those things. But despite what we see on the surface of the global stage, this almost universal experience of discontent and suffering is beginning to shift for humanity.

After a lifetime of exploring what kind of education human beings really need in order to flourish, I have developed a clear vision for the education of children. It is a very different vision from the misconceived, mind-based schooling version of education. Schooling may remain a fact of life for most children for quite some time. However, my vision of education is one that almost every parent can easily adopt, with a little preparation, as they raise their children. I am currently developing more workshops, videos and other resources for mums and dads, that will enable them to help their children to be happy, calm, strong and in the flow of life. Along the way, of course, parents will also find themselves becoming more happy, calm, strong and in the flow.

Here is a great starting point, something I wrote in 2018 titled, 'Peace and Happiness Made Simple'. It's about the simple basics of living 'consciously'. I invite you to read it. I was prompted to write it when I read yet another piece about happiness that could only ever be another long road to frustration and suffering. The insights described in my article are consistent with a huge body of wisdom expressed over thousands of years, particularly by people who have realised their inner nature. However, most of what has been written and spoken about happiness and the awakening of the inner Self overlooks the simplicity of the insights and practices I describe, and the potential immediacy of their realisation in experience. That is due to the vastness of that body of wisdom, and to problems inherent in expressing in words aspects of human experience and consciousness which are beyond the conceptual mind. While these practices are, for the most part, described in my words, most of them are recommended by other teachers, and in particular by either or both Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now, and Noah Elkrief, author of A Guide to the Present Moment. I wrote this article, and post it here on my website, in the interests of making this information more accessible, in a simple and coherent format.

If you would like help with anything I talk about on this website, feel free to contact me.

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