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About Andrew Seaton, PhD

I have been deeply interested in the human condition and human potential all my life. For more than four decades, I have been involved in professional work, formal study and personal explorations into the nature of happiness, health, learning, knowledge and change. I have delved deeply into old wisdom, educational theory, policy and practice, new science, reports of higher consciousness, and a wide range of personal development, holistic wellness and spiritual awareness practices.

I have a background in teaching at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. I have had leadership, coaching and consultancy roles relating to 'real world' education of the 'whole person', and to facilitating personal change. These roles and investigations have included doctoral research into the nature of learning, knowledge, intelligence and change, and the need for a new paradigm for the education of human beings. The title of my 2005 PhD thesis was, 'Investing in Intelligence: An Inquiry into Educational Paradigm Change'. By new 'paradigm', I mean a different kind of consciousness, including a completely different set of understandings and practices. I have written fairly extensively in this field in journals, magazines and books. See 'Writings'.

My involvement in the education field was quite a long and often difficult journey. Eventually, I came to see that, in the field of education, as in mainstream society in general, we have been making some fundamentally flawed assumptions about human beings and how we function. We apply our educational research and practice to something we think is us, but that isn't us at all - the egoic, conceptual mind. There is a huge difference between how human beings typically function, and how we can function and experience life.

It was because of that huge difference that, in 2006, I resigned from my position as Lecturer in New Learning, and took the other road. This gave me the opportunity to give more focus to re-educating myself, to un-learning my conditioning, and to awakening the deeper consciousness and fuller functioning that I had come to see so clearly is possible and desirable. I enjoy the increasing sense I have that my personal life is part of the broader flow and unfolding of life. I live much more by intuition now. It brings me a lot more peace and contentment than I used to experience when I saw myself more separate from the world around me, and tried to work everything out in my mind.

I had been feeling for some time that some new form of personal/spiritual expression was imminent for me. Then, in March of 2018, twelve years after I had given education up as a lost cause, I read a comment about the crisis that the world's children are experiencing, and the need for leadership and a grassroots campaign by parents, especially mothers, to assist them. I noted it, but didn't want to 'let it in'. Then, about a month later, I woke in the middle of the night, and a thought popped into my head about children. I remembered the little piece I had read, and I got up and read it again. I felt, "OMG, that's what I need to do!" In the past, it had just looked too hard, and yes, too frightening. But I could not ignore the intuitive prompting of that moment. I saw that 'too hard' and 'too frightening' existed only as thoughts, only in my imagination, and I knew I had to step up and play what role I could in helping the children of the world. That is when the new offerings of Andrew Seaton Education began to take shape, with a focus on parents.

If you would like help with anything I talk about on this website, feel free to contact me: [toajseaton(at)]. Please also email me if you would like to offer your support to this rather big undertaking. If you would like to offer some financial support, that would be greatly appreciated too. You can make payment at PayPal.Me/SeatonEducation

Andrew Seaton