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For more than four decades, I delved deeply into educational theory, policy and practice, old wisdom and new science, reports of higher consciousness, and a wide range of personal development, holistic wellness and spiritual awareness practices.

I have had many different jobs, but my working background is mostly in teaching at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. I have had teaching, leadership and consultancy roles relating to education of the 'whole person' for the 'real world', and to facilitating professional and school change. The title of my 2005 PhD thesis was, 'Investing in Intelligence: An Inquiry into Educational Paradigm Change'.

Eventually, I came to see that, in the field of education, as in wider society, we are generally making some deeply flawed assumptions about knowledge and human nature. In 2006, I resigned from a two-year stint in academia in order to focus on un-learning my conditioning and awakening the fuller functioning that I had come to see so clearly is possible and desirable.

I have recently experienced major changes in my consciousness and 'way of being in the world'. Throughout 2017 and 2018, I was very focused on living the practices I describe in my book Spiritual Awakening Made Simple, for which I am currently in publication negotiations. During 2018, I experienced a flood of dreams about my spiritual awakening and about soon assisting others with awakening. I recorded over four hundred such dreams. During that year, life had me in a period of relative retreat from the world. On the 23rd of September, six days after my sixty-fourth birthday, my spiritual awakening began in earnest, with a beautiful dream followed by energy flows through my body.

I am now focused on sharing with adults my practical insights into spiritual awakening. I live in South East Queensland, Australia.

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