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Would you like to live a more peaceful and spiritually conscious life?

A lot of what has been written and spoken about awakening of the inner Self overlooks the simplicity of the key insights and practices involved, and the potential immediacy of their realisation in experience. So, in January of 2019, I wrote a book titled Spiritual Awakening Made Simple: How to See Through the Myths and Mist of the Mind to the Beautiful Reality of Life in the Now. I am currently in negotiations for publication. Below is a synopsis of the book.

If you would like to be informed when the book becomes available, please send email with the subject line "Keep me posted" to book[at]andrewseaton.com.au

From the cover blurb of Spiritual Awakening Made Simple...


In this inspiring and, above all, practical book, Andrew Seaton guides us to our true nature as the observing awareness beyond the mind.

The book explains how, beginning in our infancy, we experience a spiritual forgetting. The mind creates an abstract interpretation of the world and who we are. These conditioned interpretations become self-fulfilling and create our life experience, our karma. Learn how to see the world as it is in reality, rather than through the distorting filters of the conditioned mind. Learn how simple it is to clear away the mist of the conditioned mind and instantly drop into the awareness Self, which is who you really are.

Importantly, this book shows the reader how to avoid some of the common frustrations and traps in spiritual awakening. Perhaps best of all, it offers a simple strategy for holding in mind the ways of experiencing everyday life as the awareness Self; a simple strategy for spiritual awakening.

Over more than four decades, Andrew Seaton has been engaged in deep and broad investigations into the deepest possibilities of human education; looking into old wisdom and new science, reports of higher consciousness, and a wide range of personal development, holistic wellness and spiritual awareness practices. This background, and his own recent experiences of spiritual awakening, have enabled him to pull a selection of simple but powerful insights and practices together in a concise, unified and practical format that will take you home.

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