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Hi and welcome

This website has some information and resources to do with education of the whole person. I hope you find some of what you see here interesting and helpful.

I have had a life-long interest in the human condition and in human potential seen broadly and holistically. I have been involved in personal explorations, professional work and formal study in this field over four decades.

For me, one of the most interesting things I've discovered is that what often gets in our way more than anything else is what we think we know. It is not the circumstances we experience or the person we are that ever troubles us, just believing our thoughts about those things. It's the stories we learn to tell ourselves about ourselves and the world that plague us the most. We learn most of those stories in our childhood, especially at home and at school. What a liberating thing it is to realise that our thought is not a copy of reality, merely an interpretation, a mental construction. Things are not true, just because we think them, or because somebody else thinks them, or because they trigger an emotion in us.

All things that truly matter to us arise from the depths of who we are, from the depths of life: things like inner peace, security, love, beauty, joy, connectedness, flow, playfulness, creativity, spontaneity and intuition. They are outside the realm of thought. But they cannot come into our experience when we are telling ourselves a contradictory story, even if that story is largely unconscious.

What an adventure it is, setting out to identify and make peace with the thoughts and stories that have underlain our emotional states, distracted us from who we really are, and held us back from living the life we really want.

If you would like help with regard to anything I talk about on this website, feel free to contact me.

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